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Version complète : Woocommerce Direct Checkout Plugin
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Woocommerce direct checkout plugin offers an easy and fast checkout processing system. It enables you to increase your store sales by offering the 3 checkout methods. Direct checkout methods offer a checkout option on the same page. Customers can buy anything and finish a purchase right on the landing page. Skip cart or direct checkout method redirect customer on the checkout page.  It allows the customers easy access to checkout while continuing online shopping. The woocommerce direct checkout plugin is compatible with all website themes.  

[Image: On-Page-or-Same-Page-Checkout.png]
[Image: Skip-CartOne-Click-Checkout.png]
[Image: Sticky-checkout-1.png]
[Image: 2-WooCommerce-Direct-Checkout-Skip-Cart-...e-Page.png]
[Image: 1-WooCommerce-Direct-Checkout-Skip-Cart-...e-Page.png]