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Opencart measurement price calculator extension - honey - 13-01-2020

If you want to sell many products let's check the opencart pricing calculator extension for manage products with multiple measurement units. Customer can add their product requirements price will be manage automatically with specify measurement unit. You can increase your store sales by installing the opencart measurement price calculator extension. You can easily set limit on product minimum and maximum quantity. The opencart measurement pricing calculator extension calculates product prices with respect to specific measurement units. You can cell products by length, area, volume, weight, or box. Customers can order with desired measurement unit prices will be managed automatically. Opencart price calculator is compatible with all website themes.

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[Image: 5e0ee11f21f9b-resize-500x500.jpg]

PrestaShop mobile App Builder - honey - 04-05-2020

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RE: Opencart measurement price calculator extension - ClydMcCain - 11-08-2020

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