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(13336) [WEB+WAP] eToro Crypto - MultiGeo - CPA

(13336) [WEB+WAP] eToro Crypto - MultiGeo - CPA
Rainmaker Network
Promotion Allowed: Display, Email

Conversion Flow : CPA (pixel fires after a trader generates 10$ net revenue (the net is part of the spread the trader pays to eToro when he/she buys/sells assets)

Allowed GEO : Tier1: AU, AT, BH, DK, FI, FR, DE, IE, IT, KW, LI, LU, NL, NZ, MX, NO, OM, PT, QA, SA, ES, SE, CH, UAE, UK

Tier2: AD, AG, BR, BG, CL, CO, CY, CZ, EC, EE, GI, GR, JE, LV, HU, LT, MY, MT, MC, PH, PL, RO, RU, MF, SK, ZA, KR, UY

Tier3: AO, AZ, BD, BZ, BO, Bouvet Island, KY, CX, CC, KM, CK, CR, DO, TL, EG, ER, FK, FO, French Guiana, PF, GE, GP, GG, IN, ID, IM, JO, KZ, KE, KI, MO, MG, MQ, YT, MS, MA, NR, NC, NG, PE, RE, SH, PM, SN, SC, SB, TH, TK, TO, TV, UA, VA, VN, WF

No incent traffic allowed, no spamming

Before launching the campaign, it's obligatory to send a preview of the placement, otherwise traffic won't be paid.

In case if you are going to use POP inventory, please apply Prelander

Début de la campagne : 04 Janvier 2021
Catégorie : Finances
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