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(13529) [WEB+WAP] Bitcoin Pro - UK - CPA

(13529) [WEB+WAP] Bitcoin Pro - UK - CPA
Rainmaker Network
Promotion Allowed: Display, Email

Conversion Flow : CPA (FTD baseline - $250)

Allowed GEO : UK

No incent traffic allowed, fraud, spam, false advertisement, bot or fraudulent activity.

In case if you are going to use POP inventory, please apply Prelander?

Pre-fills - add to your tracking link:

Use &aff_sub= for the email

Use &aff_sub2= for the first name

Use &aff_sub4= for the last name
?Use &aff_sub3= for the sourcedatabase?

Début de la campagne : 04 Janvier 2021
Catégorie : Finances
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