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G-Star RAW is the modern denim brand.
For more than 25 years, G-Star has been a denim pioneer: originating the concept of 3D-denim and dedication to raw, untreated denim. G-Star’s philosophy has always been ‘Just the Product.’ focusing on denim craftsmanship and innovation.

Who We Are
Since G-Star RAWs creation in 1989, the philosophy has always been ‘Just the Product.’ This single-minded approach has led to many denim ‘firsts’: the introduction of ‘luxury denim for the streets’, by fusing high-level craftsmanship with street level edge to create a new denim sector; the positioning of raw, untreated denim as a wearable and desirable material; and the evolution of G-Star’s distinctive denim silhouette, through the adoption of architectural and 3-D thinking into denim construction.
Next to its outstanding innovative designs, G-Star RAW is also known for its high empathy concerning their role and responsibility within fashion: G-Star acknowledges the need to look into sustainable solutions, and thus carefully considers the materials used for its products. As an example, G-Star launched the ‘RAW FOR THE OCEANS’ line, made from recycled ocean plastic and curated by Pharrell Williams, who is the co-owner of G-Star RAW since February 2016.
Pharrell: “G-Star is an independently minded and forward thinking company. I believe they will be the definitive jeans brand of the 21st century. I am looking forward to be part of that mission and to co-create G-Star’s future

Why Join the G-Star RAW Affiliate Program?
Becoming an affiliate partner with G-Star RAW offers an amazing opportunity to work with a thriving international brand and earn up to 13% commission on every valid sale. The brand’s official online store,, sells and delivers to more than 50 countries worldwide, offering the largest premium selection of G-Star’s products online. offers a unique proposition for partnering affiliates:

- Largest G-Star RAW collection available online for men and women
- High conversion rates
- Average order value of >100 EUR
- Free delivery on orders above 50 EUR and free returns
- Exclusive promotions for top partners
- Frequent seasonal uploads of advertising banners for unisex, womenswear and menswear. Special requests are possible
- Plus, seasonal 30%- 50% off sale banners
- Enriched CSV product feed available, daily updated
- 30 day cookie tracking
- Highly competitive, tiered commission structure up to 13%

The G-Star RAW Affiliate-Program offers all accepted publishers (except of cashbackers) two commission models:

Standard publisher: 1-49 sales in a month >10%
Premium publisher: 50+ sales in a month > 13%

Standard cashback publisher: 1-49 sales in a month > 8%
Premium cashback publisher: 50+ sales in a month > 11%
Cashback Affiliates are not allowed to forward more than 5% to the user!
We advise you to read our Terms and conditions carefully, as these are binding for every partner.

Your G-Star RAW affiliate - team
Sabine Voss, Nadim Hajroussi & Dominik Huhmann
Tel.: 0049 – 203 410 50 400
metaapes – a brand of metapeople | Philosophenweg 21 | 47051 Duisburg | Germany

Nota :
Pas autorisé.
L’achat de mots clés est interdit sur le programme d’affiliation G-Star RAW. En particulier l’achat de la marque « G-Star » ou de ses autres marques déposées est interdite, peu importe son orthographe, qu’elle soit correcte ou non. (ex. Adwords Select- ou Premium Position sur Google).

Email Marketing : Limité
Merci d'envoyer les BAT à

Un affilié est autorisé à envoyer des mailings qu'après l'approbation explicite de l'annonceur et lorsque l’accès est obtenu à l’outil E-mail Approval.
Via l’outil E-mail Approval vous pouvez proposer des aperçus. Pour plus d’informations veuillez consulter les directives.

Limité: les sites de Cashback ne sont pas autorisés à reverser plus de 5% à leurs membres.

Sites de codes promo
Limité: uniquement après validation.

L’utilisation de programmes malveillants ou émettant des publicités, type Adware, Malware, Virus ou encore de toolbars (barres d’outils) et plugin de navigateur (entre autres les Add-Ons
ou modules complémentaires pour Firefox, Google Chrome etc.) faisant publicité pour G-Star sont strictement interdits, ainsi que toute référence à la marque G-Star sur ce type d’outil.

Conditions générales:
Les conditions générales de la campagne sont à consulter ici:

Début de la campagne : 08 Janvier 2015
Catégorie : Commerce
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