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Version complète : How to resolve the Brother printer not printing black error?
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Are you facing Brother printer not printing blackerror? Well, the error is common to occur when using printers. At least at once, the users face such error. This can happen due to so many reasons, maybe your printer is not recognizing your new ink cartridges, maybe the black ink nozzle is not clean, breather tape is not removed or can cause due to other reasons. Hence, to solve the issue first you need to find the main reason behind it. Then only you will be able to fix it. But if you are not aware of printer parts and have no idea what can be the reasons, then you can contact the Brother printer experts to solve the Brother printer not printing black error. They will find out the error and then help you in solving the issue. Or you can also perform a few steps to remove this issue from your computer. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Check if there is any ink flow jam at the nozzle, and if so then any it using a paper towel.
2. Ensure that you use only branded or original Brother printer ink cartridges.
3. Confirm that you have removed the Breather tape from the top of the Cartridge.
4. Align your ink cartridges and make sure your printer recognizes them.
5. Set your photos to get print using black ink, this will tell you if all the nozzles are working or not.
6. Check if the ink cartridge nozzle is clogged with the ink or dirt, then clean it and then try to print.

We hope these solutions will help you in getting rid of the printer not printing black error. however, if still, your printer is having issues and not printing properly, then you have to contact the experts for the solutions. The exeprts are trained and have required knowledge to sort out the errors within the printers.