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? The way a call center processes your leads is one of the key aspects when it comes to working with an affiliate network. 
This is why the call center work has to be high quality and we ensure you this is our case.

And, to showcase our high level of competence, we suggest you read the transcribed call from our Italian call center and see the relevant Cystinorm script for yourself. 

Read the transcript here:

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? High approvals and payout rates are our keys to success!

And now you have these keys to yourself. Take a look at the current top 3 leaders of our affiliate network ?

The first position went to Prostatricum in Austria with a 49% approval rate. Second spot was won over by Cardiobalance. In Czech Republic, the same offer’s approval rate was 47% last week. And the list ends with this falls bestseller Cystinorm. Its approval rate in Italy was 42%. 

Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin!?
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Here are the first three leading offers of this winter!

The sweet Christmas season is so on right now, everyone is out there looking for presents for their friends and family. And what is a better present than a genuine care after your health? This is why our nutra never loses its value!

This week, the first position on the list was taken over by Artrolux+. This offer’s got a 47% approval rate in Italy.
Second spot hosts Italy as well. The Cystinorm offer showed a 45% approval rate.
Third spot — Cardiobalance, 43%.

Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin ![Image: 1f609.svg]
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⚡️ A browse that won’t give you s away!

AEZAKMI isn’t just a cheat code, it’s a browser that doesn’t give you away and guarantees your anonymity [img=21x0][/img]

You can use AEZAKMI to swap virtual machines or several computers with one program while staying unnoticed by anti-fraud systems.


[img=21x0][/img] And, AEZAKMI is now available for all our publishers with a 10% discount under the WEBVORK promo code [img=21x0][/img]
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⚡️Drive traffic with Webvork this December and get three time more coins!

For the whole month of December, the “Window to Europe” primary sponsor is giving out PRESENTS via tripling your bonus points!

❗️ All you need to do is drive traffic to any Webvork offers and use the subscription accounts service for the whole time you do so

Choosing, you’re up for:
[img=21x0][/img] Over 150 GEOs;
[img=22x0][/img] BM, Fan Page, Ad Accounts for free;
[img=22x0][/img] Fast account replacement;
[img=22x0][/img] Premium proxy;
[img=22x0][/img] And so much more!

Sign up for right away:

All your bonus points will be tripled according to the bonus boost at the end of December, only after data collation among Webvork and

Find the contest details on the website Окно в Европу!
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It's Friday, which means that we have a new interview for you.

The guest of our today’s interview is Vitaliy Gavrilov, the owner of the “TriTe” affiliate team. These guys drive traffic to nutra and white offers from TikTok, keeping their ROI at 100-150%. Vitaliy has gone in detail about all the aspects of working with this traffic source and answered a bunch of our questions. If you’ve been tired of Facebook and been thinking about TikTok for quite a while, then this interview is a must-read for you.

Find the interview here:
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It’s almost Christmas in Europe — the most lavish season of the year for almost all verticals!
This is why you can’t just sit back and do nothing, you need to drive that traffic!

Today’s top approved offers are led by CardioBalance with a 45% approval rate in Italy.
Second spot went to Cystinorm. The offer’s approval rate was 43%.
The third place was won over by the offer that hasn’t been featured on the list for quite a while, however, it is still very relevant! Parazax Complex and 40% in Switzerland.

Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin!
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✨ Better safe than sorry!

Having problems with disapproved or trashed leads, doubting that they are being carefully processed? 

There’re no difficulties for Webvork regarding this issue – we’re confident in our doings and we do provide you scripts of each of your applications from our call centers! ?

You can get the records by contacting your personal manager anytime – just ask for it! ??

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The guest of our today’s interview is Ivan Rud, ex-head of technical support at Keitaro, currently head of Inbound Marketing.

Ivan has helped a lot of affiliates, has shared a lot of useful features, and listened to a lot of people’s wishes, and later made them come true.
He was happy to tell us about himself, the history of the Keitaro tracker, its special aspects, and a little bit about its development. We’ve got a great interview here!

Read the interview here:
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⚡️ Moderators will be amazed when they find out…

Find out that Webvork products are of the highest, 100% quality, sold by foreign retailers, so these aren’t just affiliate marketing nutra items.

Consequently, all the products are officially registered and CE marked.

❗️ Pass through ad moderation with the relevant documents.
❗️ Promote the offers through the official Facebook partners 

?? Find the documents here:

Good luck with your launches! ?
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