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Guys, we are, once again, ready to make your days with new promotions that will fill your wallets with gold!

This time, we decided to boost rates on our super popular and in-demand offer for joints Artrolux +

Now, every publisher has the opportunity to drive traffic at the following rates:

• Switzerland — €40
• Italy — €40
• Germany — €40

The Joints niche is considered to be year-round, but in the off-season its popularity especially increases, since everyone at least once in their life has experienced problems with unstable weather, rainy periods, and temperature changes. That is why we recommend you drive traffic to joint offers this spring!

Connect the offer right away:
[Image: IMG_5544.PNG]

Based on the results of the last week, Italian supremacy has been completed with the presence of Austria. The Varilux Premium offer has taken the 3rd place with a 45% approval rate.

The first and second places still belong to Italy.
CANNABISVITAL Oil has earned a 51% approval rate, taking the golden medal. And, Artrolux + has won the silver medal with a 47% approval rate.

By the way, right now, Webvork is holding a promotion for Artrolux + with payout rates starting from €40 per lead! Contact your personal manager to find out the details.

Follow our top offers and earn that coin!
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Modern day problems demand modern day decisions. We’re no exception, so from now on, you can also ask for USDT payouts, as well as dollar and euros. 

USDT is the first cryptocurrency to receive a stablecoin status. Its value is bound to the fiat dollar rate. 

1 USDT is practically always equal to $1, with rare insignificant fluctuations. 

Choose Webvork so you don’t have to worry about stability and convenience of your payouts!
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3 top nutra offers for EUROPE!

Guys, this week’s been replete with different GEOs – our today’s list includes three counties.
The first place got Czech Republic with a 52% approval rate. Prostatricum offer made it to the leaders bunch.
The second spot was given to Cardiobalance in Switzerland with a 47% approval rate.
Prostatricum in Poland made it to the third place with 45% of an average approval.

Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin!
[Image: ____.PNG]
Teaser traffic has always attracted affiliates with its stability and possibilities to pass moderation fast without having to use cloaking systems and traffic filtering. 
It’s way harder to start in this niche than to start driving traffic from social media. However, the absence of blocks and bans, as well as other outer factors (such as, political factors, like it happened to Facebook (the social network is forbidden in Russia)), make teaser networks an eligible traffic source.

Webvork took care of the issue and gathered a list of over 110 native networks in the CIS region and 50 networks from abroad. 

➡️ Here’s the list:

So, what do you choose for your traffic? It’s obvious, choose WEBVORK’s nutra!
[Image: IMG_6057.PNG]

Guys, since Europe is switching to the daylight saving time, all call centers in this GEO will work according to a new schedule:

10.00 — 22.00 UTC+3

Please take the new schedule into consideration when launching your ad campaigns!
[Image: IMG_6064.PNG]

Guys, 11 months passed so quickly, despite the fact that our industry and the entire world have faced an incredible number of events.
Starting tomorrow, we will stop counting bonus points as part of the contest, however, points will be accrued as before, and you can still exchange them for gifts from the WebvorkShop bonus store.

You can find all important information about the contest finale and the finalists in the article:

Congratulations to all the finalists, we are now waiting for the results and the ID number of the ultimate winner who will receive the main prize – an apartment in Europe!
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