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⚡️ There are never too many promos!

This time, Webvork decided to BOOST YOUR POINTS for the Artrolux + offer within the “Window to Europe” contest!

From January 28th till March 15th, drive traffic to Artrolux + from ANY GEO and get yourself:

✨ x2 points that you can swap for valuable presents from our store. These points will come in handy for you to score on the leaderboard or the “Window to Europe” contest ?

✨ increased payouts : 

Switzerland — €37
Austria — €36
Spain — €35

? “Window to Europe” is a contest where everyone can win guaranteed prizes and compete for an apartment in Europe as one of the 30 best publishers!

? Don’t wait for special timing, start driving traffic now under increased payouts and with doubled bonuses!
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? Let’s conclude this January with a list of top approved offers!

Last week, Italian GEO came in as an absolute leader. 
The best offer of the week was Prostatricum Plus with a 49% approval rate. And, a 49% approval rate was also achieved by another offer — Onixan. 
An anti-cystitis supplement Cystinorm got the third position with a 41% approval rate on average. 

Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin!?
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⚡️ Facebook always has a lot of surprises for publishers. Everyone can have a hard time with risk payments, spending limits, fan page bans. 

Today we decided to write an article about Facebook ad accounts’ trust points to give you more clarity on the topic. Trust score is such a simple, yet an elaborate thing. Let’s see!

Enjoy the article:
[Image: IMG_3700.JPG]

Would you like to get extra €2.000 to your payout in March? Then this Webvork contest is right for you!

? IMPORTANT! You’ll get that money GUARANTEED if you can fulfill just one condition:

? drive 1500 approvals until March 17 — get €2,000! 

? drive 1000 approvals until March 17 — get €1,500!

? drive 700 approvals until March 17 — get €1,000!

Can you do more than that? Drive more traffic and get Webvork’s special prize?

Work with any of our top offers: 

• Prostatricum
• Keton Aktiv
• Cardiobalance
• Cistynorm
• Parazax
• Onixan
• Idealis
• Artrolux + (capsules and cream)

➡️ Contact your personal manager to get a full list of all GEOs of this promo.

? The money is already packed in briefcases and waiting for you to get it!
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[Image: ____.jpg]? Start you week right — with our list of top approved offers!

You don’t need to read a ton of articles and group chats to stay on top of trends. You just need to look at affiliate network’s actual real-time rates, which will let you in on which offers are getting the most attention from the publishers right now ?

Last week, these offers were:

1. Cardiobalance in Switzerland, with 49% of an average approval rate
2. Onixan in Italy, with 47% of an average approval rate
3. Cannabisvital Oil in Italy, with 46% of an average approval rate

Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin!?
[Image: ____________.PNG]? AFFILIATE TALKS

Here’s our interview with Ivan Merkulov, the owner of the Carbon affiliate team.

These guys drive nice traffic from Facebook and TikTok and they also develop offers for several advertisers. Ivan has shared his strategy for growing his team in 2022, told us what kind of people he wants to see on his team, and how exactly their working process is organized. We’ve got a great interview, so please, enjoy!?

Find the article here:
? While sportsmen are getting their awards in the Olympics, we’re ready to reward our offers!

This week, top approved offers fall into three categories: parasites, fungus, and prostatitis. 
The bronze medal went to Prostatricum in Poland. The offer’s driven a 50% approval rate. 
The same approval rate was earned by our silver medalist — Onixan, an anti-fungus remedy, Italy. 
And the golden medal, with 2 more percent of approval, went to Parazax in Austria!

Follow the Olympics, as well as our list of top offers, go earn that coin!?
[Image: ____________________.PNG]
✨ Top campaign patterns of the week!

How everyone! Here’s a bunch of campaign approaches with the best conversions rates of the last week. Hope this will save you some time on tests?

1. Urogun, male health support

? GEO: Austria 
? Payout rate starts from €30

? Transit page:
? Landing page:

2. Top weight loss offer Idealis

? GEO: Switzerland
? Payout rate starts from €34

? Transit page:
? Landing page:

Start your spring with a nice weight loss campaign picked out for you?
[Image: IMG_4137.PNG]
[Image: IMG_4199.JPG]?? Hi everyone!
The topic of today's article is ad placements. These places play a huge role when driving traffic to affiliate marketing offers, so don’t underestimate the power of a carefully picked ad placement. They basically define the audience that’s going to see your ad. But first, we need to understand what each placement can offer, so let’s talk about it! We’ll also give you some recommendations on using placements for different types of offers?

Read the article here:
? One month before our promo ends!

This promotion can get you a crazy score boost in the “WINDOW TO EUROPE” contest and can help you get to the top 30 publishers!

Drive traffic to Artrolux+ through March 15th and get yourself:

✨ x2 points 

✨ increased payout rates: 

Switzerland — €37
Austria — €37
Spain — €35

? ALL GEOS are valid for the promo!

❗️ Not only are these points useful for your overall contest rank, which will end soon this spring. You can also swap them for presents from our Webvork bonus store – it’s got everything you can imagine?
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