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RuneScape players perform OSRS compared to RS3
Includes bots for both games and there are robots for OSRS compared to RS3. It's probably true that legit OSRS Gold players perform OSRS compared to RS3, but it is not by as far as the figures say. No, because if you had an exact count of those bots in RuneScape, you then may have to be a Jagex employee. And if you'd counted all of the robots in RuneScape and have been a Jagex employeeyou would just ban or investigate them. But, go wander around in any F2P planet in OSRS.overrun with robots. There are some at RS3, for certain, but not to the degree of OSRS. Then you can't say that it is not quite as much as the numbers say lol.I've played both games and I played with RS3 far more and I will guarantee that the numbers are absolutely extreme of real RuneScape players between both games if we were to talk about our"feel" of gameplay using OSRS taking the lead.
"Likely". There's definitely legit RuneScape players at OSRS. It is always quite intriguing when RS3 RuneScape players try to pretend that there's a chance of OSRS being less popular. You are given the answer by even just. You are correct, I probably shouldn't have used"probably", because it is almost certainly true that OSRS has mroe RuneScape players compared to RS3, even though there's technically no way to know for certain.
As an ironman myself, I discovered that this happened with the mining and smithing rework to some extent. If you are training both together you would not have ores that are enough to match your exp you are becoming. The same goes for archeology - you get a few of the substances for the artifacts you're getting but not them all. Additionally, hopefully they balanced it in order with the outfit, promotes and perks (or some other maximum efficacy methods) you would be in a position to become self sustaining for materials.
All I'm saying is the distinction isn't as great as the playcount amounts would make it seem, since it's also"likely" true there are much more robots on OSRS than RS3. And Twitch/YT numbers are not necessarily representative of actual RuneScape players.Bear in mind the"they" that made RuneScape and"they" that employed the expansive exchange are two different groups of people. The best XP rates come from purchasing logs, but you are able to train another skill (WCing) in high-ish efficiency (prior to crystallize anyways) and then get reasonable prices at FMing, or perform all sorts of hybrid approaches (such as curly roots). A pursuit gives both an daily and great DIY high level technique. The ability is XP rate what you can do, other than bonfiring level logs. And there is no way to avoid those other than obtaining stuff from other 07rs gold players.

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