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Woocommerce Measurement Price Calculator
 Woocommerce automates price calculator plugin help to calculate product price based on the area, weight, volume, and dimensions. You to sell sweets, oils, wallpapers, gold, flooring products rice, based on their measurements unit. You can set multiple measurement units on each product. The customer enters the desired product quantity, and the price will be automatically calculated by the plugin. The prices will be shown in a separate tab with specific units and discounts. It supports various measurement units such as kg, lb, g, mg, ft, pt etc. Woocommerce price calculator plugin is compatible with all website themes.

[Image: Sell-Products-by-Weight-1-1.png]
[Image: Adds-Pricing-Calculator-to-Product-Pages.png]
[Image: Product-Pricing-by-Area-1-1.png]
[Image: Set-Product-Pricing-by-Volume-1-1.png]
[Image: Displays-Pricing-Table-in-a-Separate-Tab-1-1.png]

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