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Hydraulic Winch price
Small hydraulic winch
Small-sized hydraulic winches are the most economical, simplest and most reliable solution, as you can operate small and demanding machines and light weight machines. Current small hydraulic winch single rope Rally range: 0.5T ~ 35T; rope speed range: 1m / min ~ 10m / min. Small hydraulic winch features: compact structure, light weight; low noise, easy to install and operate.

Repair and maintenance
1, in order to extend the use and life of the winch, you must always check the lubricating oil, and add in time. Oil check hole, exhaust hole, refueling, drain hole in the winch tail, maintenance, the tail cover to be removed, check the oil level.
2, a new winch after a new oil. After each operation for 1000 hours or six months for a new oil. Each refueling: according to the frequency of use, the specific circumstances of refueling.
3, found winch leakage, timely inspection and maintenance, with particular attention to whether the various seals are damaged. Shelf life outside the user should be ordered in advance to the manufacturers winch required a variety of seals.
4, often remove the winch sludge and oil, can greatly extend the service life of the winch.
5, winch in the installation, removal, handling shall not collide, the hydraulic pipe interface must be kept clean, there must be no stolen goods to enter.
6, the tubing on the winch, especially the metal pipe line does not allow squeeze flat and other defects, so as to avoid poor oil supply.Hydraulic Winch price

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