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Webvõrk — Look at the CPA in a new way
[img=22x0][/img] Fresh as a breezy December morning, our list of top approved offers!

Looks like Austrians decided to get rid of all the parasites and cleanse their bodies before Christmas — Parazax Complex is on the first position
Second spot has CardioBalance with a 44% approval rate in Italy.
Third place went to CannabisVital Oil with 42%.

Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin!
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Creative Room — your source of inspiration!

Joint healing products are the seniors of the nutra vertical. Together with weight loss products, joint offers are highly profitable and known among all GEOs. So today, we decided to let you in on one of our top offers – Artrolux+ Cream and tell you about some working approaches for when setting up campaigns with this product.

Enjoy the article: Creative room: Artrolux+ Cream
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Prepare yourselves, we’ve got another great piece of interview for you today! 

Nikita and Andrey, the owners of the Traffic.Deals team, have gladly accepted our invite today. We’ve talked about accounts, campaign tests, traffic sources, different ad approaches, proxies, and many more. Get yourself comfortable and enjoy the reading, it’s got a lot of interesting insights.

Read the article here:
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? Gifts for true professionals!

Webvork’s giftshop isn’t just MacBooks, iPhones, high-end clothes and devices, it’s also a place full of subscriptions for the best tools for your comfortable work!

For example, Semrush is a wide-known online service, software that allows people to promote their websites, gather search query and traffic data, information on brand mentions, and much more!

? Drive traffic, earn points, and swap them for awesome presents! 

Contact our managers to get the details:
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❄️ Some are deep into New Years preparations, others do not skip a minute trying to work hard and make as much money as possible to get themselves a ton of presents.
In any case, our list of top offers has been working for you every week of the year, showing you the real statistics and encouraging you to make you traffic even more profitable?

This week, which is the last before the new year, the leader of the list was Parazax Complex in Austria. The offer’s earned 49% of approval.
The second spot went to CardioBalance with a 43% approval rate in Italy. 
The third spot was taken by Italian Artrolux+ Cream, 43%.

Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin!
See you next year!?
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Hi everyone! 

We at Webvork are always thinking about our content and so today we decided to tell you about bidding strategies, what these are, and what algorithms they are driven by.
In this article, you’re going to find thorough information on the bids and algorithms they follow. 

Enjoy your reading!?

Link to the article:
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? New Year’s is no reason to stop your traffic!

The auction will get less competitive in a couple of days, whereas people will sit in their homes browsing the internet and looking for more things to buy.
This is why we recommend you don’t give yourself a winter break but continue making money instead?

And to make your work easier, we have updated the feature set of our affiliate program: from now on, all landing and pre-landing pages can be downloaded right from your Webvork account and added to your hosting without using any kinds of third-party services! ?

❗️Download landing pages by creating a stream.

Happy New Year! ✨
[Image: ____.PNG]
✨ The first list of top approved offers of the year!

Well, we’ve celebrated the New Year and it’s now time to think about what to work with in 2022. 
It’s easy to do with Webvork — our top-rated offers have been showing great payout and approval rates for years ?
Parazax Complex took the first place in Austria — 49% approval rate, and the third place in Switzerland — 46%.
The second spot was taken over by Prostatricum. The offer’s approval rate was 48%. 

Follow our list of top offers and enjoy your profit the whole year!?
[Image: ____.PNG]
?Incredible as it may seem, Facebook constantly bans people that are trying to work with it. 
So today, we’d like to elaborate on the topic of Facebook bans. Some affiliates don’t even understand why they’re being banned because they don’t even violate the community and advertising guidelines. If you don’t know the reason behind your bans too, then keep on reading.?

Enjoy the article:
[Image: ____.JPG]
Hi everyone!

The winter holidays are over, so it’s time to get back to work at full pace?!
Our list of top approved offers will help you adapt to the new working routine.

The first spot’s got Prostatricum in Switzerland with a 46% approval rate. Second position also has Switzerland on it — our last year’s find that we’re so proud of☺️. The Parazax offer  earned a 43% approval rate in this GEO. 
Third spot went to Italian Cardio Balance with a 42% approval rate. 

Follow our list of top offers an earn that coin!?
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