Accueil » Affiliation » Internet » (13826) [WEB] Norton - WW (excl. US CA) - RS [100 days hold]

(13826) [WEB] Norton - WW (excl. US CA) - RS [100 days hold]

(13826) [WEB] Norton - WW (excl. US CA) - RS [100 days hold]
Rainmaker Network
Validation terms: 100 days.

No EMAIL traffic

No traffic from US and CA accepted

Average CR 0.45%

Average Approval rate 81.84%

Avg. hold time 73 days

Cookie lifetime 30 days

Average payment time 74 days


No missing sales would be entertained.

Please use the creatives and logo shared with you.

No modification is allowed in any creative or offer content.

Bulk Buying is strictly prohobited in the campaign.

There is capping of 50% cashback for the users for India Geo.

Cashback affiliate should not offer more than 50% Cashback of

the order value to their users for India region.

In case of violation, 100% transactions would be scrubbed.


All allowed traffic sources are mentioned in the campaign detail.

Authentic promotional methods should be used to promote the campaign.

Advertiser holds the complete right to deny all pending payments in the

event of fraud or malpractice.

Any violation of rules or using unapproved creative is subject to legal action

and heavy penalty.

Imp Instruction for all the publisher who are running Norton and those who

are giving cashback to their user, kindly keep the cashback window

minimum 70 days as Norton has policy for cancellation within 60 days.

So , there are high chances of fraud here.If we see any cancellations

we will charge back to every individual publisher.Also, It's mandatory to

display this as communication on this particular store to avoid the fraudulent

activities. If we still found any fraudulent activities, penalties would be

imposed for the same.

Cancellation Policy link:

Please note that there would be no warnings here, and no explanations of any

kind will be considered in case of violations. Any violation of campaign terms

would lead to 100% scrubbing.

Début de la campagne : 08 Février 2022
Catégorie : Internet
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